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Now more than ever, you need a Medicare plan with the right coverage to keep you healthy. CarePartners of Connecticut is the state’s only Medicare Advantage plan created with local Hartford HealthCare doctors you know and trust*

*We may contract with other Plans/Part D-sponsors

ER Wait Time

ER Address: 2800 Main Street, Bridgeport, CT 06606

Phone: 203.576.5877

Wait time shown is the average wait time to see a physician or advance practitioner. Patients in the ER are seen in order according to the severity of their illness or injury.

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Urgent or Emergency?
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If a medical condition is life- or limb-threatening, or involves severe wounds or amputations, patients should go to the ER. If the medical condition is non-life-threatening, our urgent care centers offer experienced providers who are ready and waiting for you. Most Insurances Accepted. Same Day Appointments. Just Walk In. Open 7 Days A Week.

Urgent Care Services

Hartford HealthCare Stops J&J Vaccines Following Federal Health Agency Concerns

Hartford HealthCare is following the guidance of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and [...]

COVID-19 Vaccines Now Available to Emergency Department Patients

Emergency room patients will now be given the chance to get vaccinated as Hartford HealthCare once again expands accessibility to [...]

When It’s Your Turn For The COVID Vaccine: What About Side Effects?

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Listen: How This Neurosurgeon Says You Can Avoid Back Surgery

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Nation’s First FEMA Mobile Vaccine Unit Arrives in State

In the latest response to COVID-19, city, state and federal officials gathered at Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport Monday to launch [...]

Why It’s Easier Now to Avoid Traditional Spine Surgery

The 62-year-old woman had contended with scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, her whole life. It kept getting worse despite [...]


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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Webinar: Medicare - Roadmap to Retirement

In this FREE webinar, join Lisa Benton or Marissa Hiebel, Medicare Educators, to learn about:

- When to enroll in Medicare and [...]

Tuesday, Apr 20, 2021, 5:00PM - 6:00PM

Webinar: Understanding Spine Deformities

In this free, LIVE webinar, join fellowship trained orthopedic spine surgeon, Dr. Hanbing 'Steve' Zhou, and board certified neurosurgeon, [...]

Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021, 12:00PM - 1:00PM

Webinar: How to Heal Your Rotator Cuff Tears

In this FREE webinar, join Dr. James Spak, board-certified orthopaedic surgeon, as he discusses common causes and diagnosis of rotator cuff [...]

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