Resident Testimonials

“What I really liked about St. Vincent's was that it provided a great balance between medical education, patient care, and having a life. The Program Director and faculty are very supportive, and the residents are great colleagues as well as friends.”

Matthew Miller, MD, PhD

“I love the sense of community at St. Vincent’s. I loved becoming friends with everyone from the security guards, to telemetry room monitors, to the nurses and physicians.”

Heather Marie Gainer, MD, APRN BC

“I enjoyed the collegiality of the residents.”

Jeffrey Ware, MD

“I love living in Connecticut! It's really pretty here and there are all kinds of nature hikes and outdoor adventures waiting to be explored.”

Alison Sheridan Nath, MD

“I loved working at St. Vincent’s because everyone is friendly. My co-residents were hardworking but also fun to hang out with outside of the hospital. Our attendings were very approachable and like to teach, the ancillary services are excellent and didactics and conferences are geared towards residents.”

Omar Parvez, MD

“What I loved about working at SVMC was that there is such a strong sense of community here. I love being and feeling a part of that.”

Tamara Carroll, MD

“I enjoyed working at St. Vincent’s because of the friendly relationships between residents, nurses and attendings. It's good to go to work everyday in a place where you know everybody is approachable.”

Frank Bonilla, MD

“What I liked most about working at St. Vincent’s is the wonderful support and good company of my talented co-residents!”

Lakshmi Swamy, MD, PhD

“My experience with the program has been great. The residents are very friendly and the attendings and program director are easily approachable and helpful.”

Vamsi Buddharaju, MD

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