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  • First Aid

    Provides links on nosebleeds, rashes, and blisters. Also includes topics addressing more serious first aid emergencies, such as choking rescues and sprained ankles.

  • Fitness and Exercise

    Provides links to how-to information about physical activity for everyone. Includes info on walking for wellness, reducing back pain, and healthy weight.

  • Sleep Problems

    Provides links to info about sleep problems. Includes insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, and testing. Also includes sleep problems in children.

  • Myths About Tourette's Disorder

    Learn more about Detail at

  • Choosing a Health Care Agent

    Discusses role of health care agent if you can't make healthcare decisions for yourself. Covers medical power of attorney and living will. Includes link to checklist for writing an advance directive.

  • How to Teach Your Child by Example

    Teaching your child by example isn't about being a perfect parent. True, it's about showing, or modeling, healthy choices and good behavior. But it's also about showing your child how to handle mistakes and recover from bad choices. How can you be a good role model for your child? First,...

  • Heart Failure: Your Reason to Be Active

    Find what motivates you to add a little activity to your life and benefit your heart.

  • Anesthesia: Epidural for Childbirth

    Learn about an epidural for labor: what it is, how it's done, and its safety and side effects.

  • Meniscus Surgery

    Learn how surgery for a meniscus tear is done and what to expect after surgery.

  • Hip Replacement Surgery: How Others Decided

    Hear what other people thought about as they decided whether to have hip replacement surgery.

Showing 1 - 10 of 4997

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