Psychiatric Evaluations

Are you concerned how you or a loved one is coping with emotional issues? Are you or someone close to you struggling with feelings of depression or other stressful behaviors?  

If you suspect that these or other concerns are causing you or your loved ones emotional pain, you are not alone. One in four Americans will experience some kind of mental health crisis during his or her life. Many are teenagers. Some are young children.

Whether child or adult, the first step toward relieving the emotional pain of a mental illness or changing its potentially dangerous trajectory, is reaching out for help.

We Are Here To Help

At St. Vincent’s Behavioral Health Services, we are here to help.

We offer treatment for these and other emotional, behavioral, and developmental challenges. Beginning with a psychiatric evaluation, we identify the specific challenge and arrive at an accurate diagnosis. We then work with you and your loved ones on an individualized treatment plan.

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