Breast Imaging

St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center, located on the 4th floor of the Center for Cancer Care at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, provides you or your loved one with the most advanced digital mammography, bone density testing, breast ultrasound, and image guided breast biopsies, conducted by a caring, collaborative team of highly trained specialists. All our health services are located in one, convenient location.

Comprehensive Cancer Care

At St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center, you will find:

  • A friendly, comfortable and calming atmosphere
  • A gentle and personalized approach
  • Specialized technicians in breast care
  • Digital mammography, bone density, breast ultrasound and image guided breast biopsy

Our comprehensive cancer care team of specialists, mammography and ultrasound technologists, radiologists and oncologists, will administer and evaluate your images. We use the most advanced technological medical equipment available, including 3D and digital mammograms.

Breast Center of Excellence

The Breast Health Center at St. Vincent’s is a Breast Center of Excellence. This distinction from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers is a first for our area. We also received the highest level of commendation from American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. The Outstanding Achievement Award is granted to programs that have not only met standards set by the Commission on Cancer, but also exceeded compliance ratings for all designated standards.

Digital Mammography

Our department offers screening mammography’s which includes a low dose of X-ray of the breast so that tissue inside the breasts can be imaged. This aids in the early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer and is considered the “ gold standard” for identifying cancer early. All screening mammograms at the Breast Health Center are evaluated by radiologists who specialize in breast imaging.

3D Breast Tomosynthesis

The Breast Health Center’s three- dimensional (3D) breast mammography is an advanced technology used to detect signs of breast cancer. This technology offers the radiologist the ability to quickly reach images. Early detection is key to treating breast cancer and this 3D technology aides in accurate diagnosis.

Research has shown 3D mammograms to be up to 40 percent more accurate at detecting cancer and can yield up to 15% less false positives when compared to traditional mammograms. This technology is especially more effective for women with denser breasts.

Benefits of 3D mammography include:

  • Better visibility at the skin line
  • Greater image flexibility
  • Shorter exam times
  • Faster results
  • Fewer callbacks

3D breast mammography allows us to precisely pinpoint small tumors that might not be seen in certain women on a regular mammogram. It enables doctors to examine breast tissue one layer at a time rather than as a flat image. It converts digital breast images into a stack of very thin layers or “slices”, essentially building them into a 3D mammogram. 3D mammography is now considered best practice in the field of mammography as it can more readily detect these subtle signs of early cancer in women with dense breasts or other anatomic conditions.

Ultrasound Services

Although 3D imaging is effective, it does not eliminate the potential need for Ultrasound technology in women with dense breast tissue. Breast Ultrasound provides additional imaging of breast tissue by sending sound waves through to determine the character of an anomaly detected in the breast.

Use of ultrasound is another dense breast tissue diagnostic resource that employs sound waves to determine the character of an anomaly detected in the breast. It is a painless process. An ultrasound device delivers images onto a screen without using X-rays or other radiation. Biopsies and cyst aspirations of the breast can be done with ultrasound guidance.

5 to 10 percent of mammograms require additional testing. For example, if a shadow or a suspicious speck is detected, you may benefit from follow-up testing. Further testing will rule out complications or health risks.
The Breast Health Center at St. Vincent’s provides comprehensive services in both diagnostic and interventional radiology. The Women's Imaging Center uses ultrasound as an imaging tool in the management of an abnormal breast exam or abnormal mammogram.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI images use a strong magnetic field to obtain breast images. It provides 3D images of breast tissue, chest wall and the lymph nodes under the arm. These high resolution images allow specialists to make more accurate diagnosis in identifying breast cancer at an earlier stage.

During the imaging exam it is necessary to have an injection of gadolinium. The injection enhances the view of the Breast MRI images. A Breast MRI is a useful tool for the detection and characterization of breast disease, assessment of local extent of disease and evaluation of treatment response.

Biopsy Procedures

A biopsy may be recommended by the radiologist if a suspicious area shows up on imaging. Research shows that more than half of women will have a false positive result during the first ten years of screening. A false positive result requires the need for additional imaging or a biopsy even though no cancer is present. Most women don’t think about what may be needed from their medical team if they get an abnormal mammogram until it’s too late.

At The Breast Health Center, we believe in treating the entire person—and that means treating the fear and confusion of an abnormal mammogram. Here is how we do it:

Results in 1-2 days
Our Breast Health Center will schedule your biopsy as soon as possible. After your biopsy is received, one of our Radiologist’s will personally notify you of the results within 1-2 days.

Biopsy Coordinator
The Breast Health Center has a designated biopsy coordinator that assists with:

  • Providing clinical coordination
  • Serves as a resource and point of contact for you, caregiver and physician
  • Answer questions and concerns about your biopsy

Expert Surgeons, Caring Staff
All our Breast Radiologists have been fellowship trained in breast care and are highly skilled providers. They have many years of experience reading mammography images and available for any questions you may have. Our staff have been trained to answer your questions and provide you with an exceptional experience.

Advanced Biopsy Technology
Our commitment to the latest technology includes a variety of tools that can be used based on your personal needs, from ultrasound to MRI’s and stereotactic breast biopsies. This means greater accuracy and comfort.

Contact Us

To schedule a mammogram appointment at the Breast Health Center please call 203.576.5501.

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Women's Choice Award - Mammogram ImagingSt. Vincent’s Medical Center has been named one of America’s Best Mammogram Imaging Centers by the Women’s Choice Award®, a trusted referral source for the best in healthcare.

The list of 1,605 award winners, including St. Vincent’s Medical Center, represents imaging centers that carry the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) seal from the American College of Radiology and are accredited for Mammograms (MAP).