Pain Management

At St. Vincent’s Medical Center when you or loved ones require treatment for cancer, an integral part of your treatment is the implementation of an individual pain management plan.

Working as a highly trained, multidisciplinary team, we explore you or your loved one’s particular pain management needs. Options include massage and yoga along with medication and anesthesiology. We seek to ease and control your pain, including musculoskeletal, nerve and emotional pain. Our goal is to return you and your loved ones to a normal, pain-free, productive life as soon as possible.

Heal Better, Feel Better

St. Vincent’s Medical Center has long fostered the strong connection between mind, body and spirit and how this connection affects health and healing. We offer numerous integrative medicine approaches, as well as traditional cancer treatments, to help you or your loved one to relax, to regroup, and to heal. Our dedication to this approach ensures you or your loves ones receive compassionate, caring support throughout all phases of the cancer journey.

At St. Vincent’s, we’re here to help.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or have questions about pain management please call Dr. Tamasdan at 203.382.2350 or 1.877.231.SWIM (7946) to make an appointment for information, testing or to discuss your options.

Pain Managment

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