St. Vincent’s Heart Failure Clinic

At St. Vincent’s, we provide excellence in care if you or your loved one experiences Heart Failure.

Our comprehensive program assists you with evaluation, treatment, and education. We can even provide remote monitoring to help manage your condition. We work as a team to help you live a healthier life.

Understanding Heart Failure and Achieving Heart Wellness

Heart Failure, also known as congestive heart failure or ventricular dysfunction, is a common health problem in the United States. It occurs when the heart is unable to fill with or eject blood. Two major types of heart failure are a weakened heart muscle (systolic heart failure), or diastolic failure, which occurs when the heart is not able to rest between heart beats. More than 550,000 Americans are affected by Heart Failure each year. Heart Failure is the leading cause for hospital admissions for adults over the age of 65. 

St. Vincent’s Team Approach

At St. Vincent’s, our Heart Failure Clinic offers you a comprehensive program of self-care heart health education, and we provide you with tools to better manage your health. We take a multidisciplinary team approach and work collaboratively with your cardiologist who partners with nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dieticians, palliative care specialists, home care agencies and skilled nursing facilities, as well as former patients and family members, in developing your individualized, comprehensive program of care.

Proactive Program and Remote Patient Monitoring

The Heart Failure program at St. Vincent’s is proactive rather than reactive. Our goal is to give you an improved quality of life with fewer hospital admissions, shorter hospital stays and the availability of technological tool that allow you to remain independent. Our patients can now be monitored remotely with a new FDA approved device. Care is also available if you are unable to manage your condition and are in need of additional services. The program also helps to facilitate a more palliative approach and transition to hospice when appropriate.

Advanced Procedures Offers New Hope for Heart Failure Patients

St. Vincent’s Medical Center was the first hospital in Fairfield County to perform transcatheter mitral valve repair (TMVR) with the MitraClip® device, a life-saving procedure to repair a diseased mitral valve without open heart surgery. This means new hope for those who have mitral regurgitation due to left ventricular dysfunction.

Transcatheter Mitral Valve Repair

Outstanding Achievement

St. Vincent's Medical Center has been consistently recognized by the American Heart Association for continued success since 2014.

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