Patient Stories

Are you tired of being overweight? St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgery Center offers a weight-loss surgery program to help you achieve sustained weight loss and will help you explore your options, including gastric bypass and lap band surgery.

Our focus on nutrition and exercise greatly enhance the success of the program. Are you ready to lose the weight?

  • Andrea’s Story

    “I've tried every diet program ever invented!” she said. Finally, she picked the bariatric team of weight loss surgeons at St. Vincent's Bariatric Surgery Center of Fairfield County and has loved them from the beginning.

  • Ashley’s Story

    Research led her to a free seminar at St. Vincent's Medical Center Bariatric Surgery Center of Fairfield County in Bridgeport. Within four weeks of attending the seminar, she had her obesity surgery.

  • Elizabeth’s Story

    True to her inner self, within two months, the weight reduction surgery was over, and she was on the road to getting healthy.

  • Heidi’s Story

    After 113 pounds of bariatric weight loss, she is loving life as a healthy active THIN adult!

  • Jay’s Story

    Now, 117 pound later, he is active and energetic. “I play with my kids, attend every event, volunteer whenever I can, and take afternoon walks on the beach with my wife again.

  • Kathleen’s Story

    It's been five years and 120 pounds since she had the lap band procedure at St. Vincent's Medical Center's Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program

  • Marybeth’s Story

    “It was the best thing I ever did for myself,” she said. She was borderline diabetic and had sleep apnea. “Now I'm off most of my medications, including my treatment for high blood pressure. I don't even snore anymore!” she said.

  • Ronda’s Story

    Now she doesn't have to come home from work and take a nap. Since obesity surgery, she can do her own housework, instead of hiring outside people to clean and she's excited to do it!

  • Tracy’s Story

    “I told myself if I ever got better, I would get healthy and get my life back,” Tracy said. She lost 94 pounds after having the lap band obesity surgery

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