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Because no two journeys are alike, we will work with you to create a plan that is designed for you and get you back to the little things you love.

Sign up for a free information session and talk with our team about weight loss surgery and a support plan designed for you at St. Vincent's Medical Center.

Bariatric Surgery Information Seminars

Take the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Weight-loss seminars are the best place to learn more about bariatric surgery. Our expert weight loss surgeons will explain the procedures, address your concerns and answer questions.

St. Vincent’s weight-loss surgeons and surgical team are dedicated to helping patients like you meet your weight loss and quality of life goals. Surgical procedures are performed at St. Vincent's Medical Center, an approved MBSAQIP Accredited - Comprehensive Center.

It is required for all patients to attend our free Bariatric Surgery Information Seminar prior to being seen in the surgeon's office. Select a time and date that’s convenient for you.

Choose a date from the New Patient Bariatric Seminar schedule, or call the Bariatric Coordinator at 203.576.5431 to reserve a seat at the seminar you choose. If there are special circumstances that prevent you from attending a seminar, please contact the Bariatric Coordinator at 203.576.5431.

What You’ll Learn

We’ll explain the program and process step by step. St. Vincent Medical Center’s Bariatric Surgery Seminar is presented by some of our weight loss surgeons and team members (such as the bariatric coordinator, physician’s assistant, office assistant or nutritionist).

You’ll also have the chance to talk to some of our “success stories,” as some of our post-operative patients regularly attend the seminar. They will answer your questions and share many of their helpful “been there and done that” insights.

During the seminar you’ll learn more about the procedure, what to expect during your surgery, and how weight-loss surgery helps with health risks associated with diabetes and obesity.

At this seminar, we’ll give you two important documents and go over these in detail so that you can easily fill out the paperwork necessary for your weight-loss surgery:

  • Bariatric Questionnaire: Details your past medical and diet history.
  • Insurance Questionnaire: When preparing for bariatric surgery, it is important to understand the requirements and benefits of your individual insurance plan. It is your responsibility to call the number on the back of your insurance card or speak to Human Resources.
  • Please check your plan specifically for Bariatric Benefits.
  • Ask whether they cover weight loss surgery; do not ask if they cover a certain procedure.
  • Approval from any insurance company is contingent upon your Body Mass Index (BMI) and is subject to change: All insurance companies require a BMI of 40 or higher. A BMI of 35+ may be allowed depending on the number and severity of the patient's related co-morbidities.

Schedule an Appointment with a Bariatric Surgeon

After the seminar, you’re ready to take the next step and meet with your Bariatric Surgeon. Please be sure to bring the following items:

  • It is MANDATORY that you bring the completed Medical History and Insurance Questionnaires you obtained at the seminar. We need this for your evaluation and to obtain approval from your insurance company for surgery.
  • Please bring your insurance identification card(s) and driver's license to the initial consultation.

During your initial consultation the surgeon will review the Bariatric Questionnaire and discuss weight-loss options. You can also obtain information by visiting the American Society for Bariatric Surgery.

Next Step: Pre-Surgery Consultations

Based on the surgical procedure you have chosen, your BMI (Body Mass Index) and past/current medical conditions, you may require additional consultations with these specialists to plan the best course for your weight loss surgery success. (If you are already under treatment by a cardiologist, endocrinologist, mental health counselor, etc., an additional consultation may be necessary.)

  • Primary Care Physician (required)
  • Mental Health Counselor or Psychiatrist (required)
  • Nutritionist (required)
  • Pulmonologist
  • Gastroenterologist
  • Cardiologist
  • Endocrinologist

In addition to the above consultations, your bariatric surgeon may request additional tests such as these below as well as tests needed or recommended by the other medical specialists.

  • Sleep Study
  • Pulmonary Function Test
  • Upper Endoscopy
  • H. Pylori (blood test)
  • Upper GI
  • Ultrasound of the gallbladder
  • Thyroid screen (blood test)

Get Ready to Work for Success

To be successful in your weight-loss surgery journey, you will need to commit to honesty, responsibility and cooperation.

  • Commit to improving your health.
  • Discuss your health history with your surgeon.
  • Discuss any questions or concerns you have.
  • Learn all you can about each procedure before making a decision.
  • Follow all instructions on preparing for weight reduction surgery.
  • Commit to following the nutrition, activity, and other care instructions given to you by your surgeon before and after surgery.
  • Attend a pre-operative support group, and commit to attending the post-operative support services available.

Surgical Weight Loss

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    To speak with a surgical weight loss coordinator, call 203-576-5431.

  • What to Expect?

    To help put your mind at ease, we’ve listed some details of what you can expect the day of, and immediately following your weight loss surgery.


Free Weight-Loss Seminar

You’ll learn more about what to expect during your surgery and how weight-loss surgery helps with health risks associated with diabetes and obesity.

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