For Medical Professionals

Reduce Costs, Increase Patient Volume & Improve Patient Care

St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group provides safe, high-quality medical care with an emphasis on disease prevention and wellness. We hope you will consider joining St. Vincent’s physician organization. The benefit to you? The best medicine - close to home, with expanded access to pathology, diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic services plus coordination of care for your patients.

About St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group, Inc. (MSG)

MSG includes nearly 300 providers, including Physicians, APRNs and Physician Assistants representing more than fifteen different clinical specialties. Click on this video to learn more.

If you would like to learn more about MSG, please contact Medical Director Francis R. Scifo, M.D. FFAFP, or VP of Operations Christopher Willey, BS, CMPR, RT(N) at:

Practice Director, Primary Care, Lucille Bentley

Practice Director, Urgent Care, Tara Burns

Practice Director, Cardiology, Jamie Mendonca

The Benefits of Joining St. Vincent’s MultiSpecialty Group

  • As a provider, you’ll be able to better serve your patients through an autonomous structure of care coordination and data sharing enabled by the MSG and St. Vincent’s Medical Center.  

  • As a MSG member, physicians are positioned for success with reimbursement models that reward clinical integration and improved quality of care. 

  • The MSG provides the scale to save significant costs through St. Vincent’s volume-purchasing and shared management services.  

  • MSG helps you navigate the evolving health care landscape and technologies, providing you with effective strategies and financial security to effectively deal with this new environment while benefiting our patients, physicians, and the Medical Center. 

  • MSG help you improve patient outcomes, patient experience, provider experience and lowering costs while respecting the provider’s voice; participating in a large, integrated system of care; enabling greater access to and for patients and reducing overhead expenses.

The MSG Team Advantage

Our Team of Physicians, APRNs, and PAs are committed to:

  • Delivering comprehensive care by multi-disciplinary teams

  • Improving continuity of care for individuals

  • Improving coordination of care among the full spectrum of healthcare professionals

  • Strengthening preventative approaches to tackle major disease burden

  • Enhancing private and public collaboration to improve the availability of quality of care for chronic disease patients

  • Emphasizing patient-centric care and patient empowerment

  • Supporting professional development and quality improvement

  • Strengthening organizational and infra-structural support for successful MSG relationships.

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