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St. Vincent's Nursing Staff Delivers Outstanding Care

St. Vincent’s Medical Center is proud of its compassionate, comprehensive care provided by its 900 nurses who care for patients in the hospital, outpatient settings, physician offices, clinics and medical centers. Find out more about our nursing awards, certifications and nursing recognitions of excellence (Daisy Awards).

Nursing Awards

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Nurse’s Week Excellence Awards

St. Vincent’s Shared Governance Professional Practice Council worked diligently in 2010 to establish professional recognition awards for registered nurses. Nurses are nominated by their peers and are recognized during the annual Nurse’s Week Recognition Award Ceremony.

The Susan L. Davis Leadership Award

Named for our former President and CEO Susan Davis, a registered nurse and visionary leader who led St. Vincent’s through vast cultural change. Eligible candidates for this award are Nurse Leaders who demonstrate similar leadership and are agents of change for the organization. These leaders demonstrate dedication by creating a culture of caring and inspirational support for their team.

2022 – Nicole Simpson
2021 & 2020 – Melissa Lanza and Nicole Loiz
2019 – Lisa Jelliffe
2018 – Deborah Gilbey
2017 – Lori Broadbent
2016 – Lisa Kalafus
2015 – Diana McNeil
2014 – Cassie Mizia

Nursing Leadership Award (currently Susan L. Davis Award)

2013 – Susan Goncalves
2012 – Dale Danowski
2011 – Leslie Lincoln
2010 – Deb Gilbey

Nursing Education Mentorship

Clinical nurses who participate in educational initiatives or promote the growth and development of nurses. Clinical nurses who serve as a role model and mentor to other nurses or nurse orientees and foster their development and is a passionate educator.

2022 – Noel Abbott
2021 & 2020 – Roberto Crespo and Patrick Murray
2019 – Kara Tzanetis
2018 – Karen Katrinak
2017 – Sharmin Kleiber
2016 – Linda Scillia
2015 – Domingos Martins
2014 – Teresa Crya

Nursing Clinical Practice

Clinical nurses who provide exceptional patient care, promote evidence based nursing practice and achieve excellent patient outcomes.

2022 – Arthur Frankforter
2021 & 2020 - Gregorio Castellanos and Carol Collins
2019 – Grace Rubio
2018 – Mark Pullo
2017 – Betsy Hlavac
2016 – Belinda Seak
2015 – Linda Seaman
2014 – Reiney Varkey
2013 – Ashley Dobuzinsky
2012 – Susie Tolo
2011 – Denise Buonocore
2010 – Asuncion Calo-Patino

Nursing Research

Nurses who drive improvement in nursing practice through scientific research and/or integrate evidenced based practice.

2022 – Sheron Jacob
2021 & 2020 – Christina Lage and Herb Noisette
2019 – Toni Berry
2018 – Karen Platt
2017 – Ashley Dobuzinsky
2016 – Vineetha Sujanan
2015 – Monica Sousa
2014 – Dr. Susan Goncalves
2013 – Edite Weddle
2012 – Pansy Samuel
2011 – Emma Wittstein
2010 – Teresa White

Nursing Volunteerism & Service

Clinical nurses who demonstrate generosity of spirit, especially for those most in need by volunteering at work or in the community.

2022 – Brianna Helmes
2021 & 2020 – Maria Marini and Maureen Shimko
2019 – Ikeolapo Opayemi
2018 – Donna Quinlan
2017 – Lindsay Slaybaugh
2016 – Marilyn Faber
2015 – Mary Ann Caserta
2014 – Betsy Rice
2013 – Mary Jane Bayusik
2012 – Maria Geismar
2011 – Jennifer Nascimento
2010 – Maureen Blees

Clinical Support

The associate demonstrates respect and compassion for patients and families. The associate works collaboratively with all members of the healthcare team and supports the goals and best practice initiatives for the unit/department.

2022 – Collette Salemme
2021 & 2020 – Coreen Martin and Pamela Smith
2019 – Carole Desrouilleres
2018 – Jake Chambliss

Daisy Award Recipients

The Daisy Award recognizes nurses whose clinical skills and compassionate care exemplify the kind of nurse that our patients, their families and our staff distinguishes as an outstanding role model. They form special connections with their patients and/or families and has significantly made a difference in the life of a patient. This nurse is consistently kind, empathetic, compassionate and a team player.

Helen Ditchkus
Samuel Ditchkus
Mary Lou Marini
Sheron Jacob

Ann Conlon
Helen Ditchkus
Marlene Martins
Stacey Piotrowski

Sarah Digirolamo
Paula Dwyer
Karen Viores

Cynthia Holveck
Donna Kelly
Jennifer Nash
Linda Scillia
Suzanne Tortora
Daisy (continued)
Toni Berry
Lori Carroll
Kim Hurd
Olivia Reyes
MaryAnn DeRosa
Bella Cielo

Diane Denhup
Lorie Rongey
Monica Ferguson
Lori Dalton
Aron Mavros
Laurie Shepard
Michelle Mosher
Judy Taylor
Dena Dzialo

Greater Bridgeport Medical Association Award

The Greater Bridgeport Medical Association (GBMA) would like to recognize the important work performed by clinical nurses by rewarding an individual from our institution with the Association’s Nursing Excellence Award and a stipend for continuing education. A clinical nurse who demonstrates a special sensitivity to patients, as well as a strong commitment to the Bridgeport community is selected.

2022 – Charon Torres
2021 – Kathleen Marcinczyk
2019 – Beth Hare
2018 – Regina McKay
2017 – Nicole Torony-Ferraz
2016 – Stacey Newell
2015 – Marilyn Faber
2014 – Susan Skoog
2013 – Maureen Blees
2012 – Sue Casso
2011 – Sarah Conder
2010 – Ellen Miller
2009 – Betsy Rice

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