Parish Nurse Program

Faith Community Nursing

The Parish Nurse Program at St. Vincent’s Medical Center extends healthcare services to patients through local churches and congregations. The program is an affiliate of Community Benefit Healthcare at St. Vincent’s. The program honors our commitment to care for the sick and those who may be uninsured or without resources.

Parish Nurses respond to patients’ health needs by connecting with them through their representative congregations. The primary focus of Parish Nursing that makes it unique is intentional care of the spirit. The program, known as Faith Community Nursing, is ecumenical. It is available to all churches, temples, congregations and synagogues in Fairfield County.

Parish Nurses: Caring for the Whole Person

Parish Nurses offer health screenings, information and education to all members of their congregations. Working at the parish level, these professional nurses, guided by a respect for the dignity and value of life, fosters the belief that quality care includes ministering to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and families.

Parish Nurses apply a holistic approach to healing. They focus on caring for the whole person – mind, body and spirit - while emphasizing wellness and disease prevention.

Parish Nurses: A Prayerful, Healing Presence

Parish Nurses visit patients from their congregations at home, in nursing homes, or during hospitalization.

Other services they provide include facilitating health screenings, conducting health fairs and health education programs based on the needs of the congregation.

Parish Nurses may also be called upon to initiate referrals for support services to community agencies, physicians and other medical specialists as needed, serving as liaisons to community support services.

Parish Nurses provide a prayerful, healing presence and comfort during times of need.

Parish Nurses: Healthcare Advocates

Parish Nurses can refer people to community resources. They provide counseling, education and form alliances between St. Vincent’s Medical Center, the parish team and its congregants. By serving in this role, Parish Nurses assist congregations by facilitating informational programs, health screenings and discussion groups that create awareness of general health and wellness concerns.

Parish Nurses also serve as healthcare advocates for the faith communities in which they work.

Parish Nurse Program

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