Stroke Clinic

Stroke patients now have access to follow-up visits in the Stroke Clinic, after their hospital discharge, as part of transition of stroke care from hospital to home. 

The clinic also accepts referrals for stroke, TIA, carotid stenosis, and other vascular neurological conditions.

The follow-up visit with a stroke specialist benefits the patient, family and provider. Early stroke follow up can reduce the chance of being readmitted to the hospital. It gives us the opportunity to ensure appropriate stroke prevention measures are in place, monitor recovery progress and provide education on secondary prevention– which is paramount.

The new Stroke Clinic, located at 2660 Main Street, is staffed with a Vascular neurologist and an Endovascular Neurosurgeon, who together can address both medical and surgical treatments for stroke.

For more information, contact the Stroke Clinic at 203.332.3272.

Stroke Center