Providing our patients with unrivaled care is our top priority at Hartford HealthCare.


All of our physicians have gone through rigorous testing of qualifications to make certain each employee upholds our mission.

At Hartford HealthCare Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO), we only work with physicians and health professionals that we believe are trustworthy, compassionate, and respectful and uphold our code of conduct in their daily work. For that reason, our credentialing process is rigorous and thorough. It extends from pre-hiring to consistent monitoring of employees' and practitioners' procedures, licensing, and continuing education and training. Our patients place their lives in the hands of Hartford HealthCare staff every day, and we do everything in our power to deserve that trust and inspire confidence in our abilities to care and treat.

Application for Membership/Privileges

For all new applicants* applying for membership/privileges at Hartford HealthCare affiliated hospitals, please contact the CVO to start the application process:

Call: 860.972.9093


* It is mandatory that you begin this process prior to beginning your work activities at a Hartford HealthCare affiliated hospital.

Provider Verification Service

Hartford HealthCare and its affiliated hospitals are pleased to offer this online verification tool for hospital affiliation verifications.

Prior to obtaining the verification, ensure you have the provider consent on file.

Verifications may be obtained by clicking the link below.

Provider Verification Service

If a provider is not located in the online verification, please contact the Hartford HealthCare CVO.

Provider Privilege Portal

This tool is available to Hartford HealthCare providers. It is only accessible within the Hartford HealthCare network and is password protected.

Provider Privilege Portal

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