Our Residents

Chief Residents

Yasir Ahmad, MD – PGY5 (R4), Chief Resident
Medical school: Rawalpindi Medical University, Pakistan
Non-academic interests/hobbies: Traveling
Future plans: Cross-sectional Body imaging fellowship at Johns Hopkins.

Vivek Kesari, MD – PGY5 (R4), Chief Resident

Medical school: China Medical University, China.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Fishing, Kayaking.

Future plans: Body MRI fellowship, Johns Hopkins.


Vahab Nemati, MD – PGY5 (R4), Chief Resident

Medical school: Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Snowboarding, cooking, BBQing, traveling. 

Future plans: IR, buying my first Bugatti Chiron!

Kalpana Shah, MD – PGY5 (R4), Chief Resident

Medical school: Mymensingh Medical College, Bangladesh.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Traveling, dancing, cooking, and exploring new restaurants.

Future plans: Mammo/nuclear medicine.


Yaser Baghdadi, MD – PGY4 (R3)

Medical school: University of Jordan, Jordan.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Reading. Travel. Camping.

Future plans: Undecided.

Ranjit Chaudhary, MD – PGY4 (R3)

Medical school: Tribhuvan University, Nepal.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Cricket, collecting stamp, traveling.

Future plans: Neuroradiology.

Husein Husein, MD – PGY4 (R3)

Medical school: University of Tishreen, Syria.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Music, Fitness and Sports (Soccer, Cycling, Tennis, and Taekwondo), Grilling, Calligraphy, Cards and Video Games, Billiards, Ping-Pong, and Chess.

Future plans: Body, Cardiac and Nuclear Radiologist standing at the forefront of diagnostic modalities and contributing to patient care using the most advanced technology available.


Latif Bashirov, MD – PGY3 (R2)

Medical school: Istanbul University, Turkey.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Travel and camping.

Future plans: Neuroradiology, MSK and body imaging.

Arun Kumar, MD – PGY3 (R2)

Medical school: American University of Antigua, Antigua.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Photography, traveling, reading science fiction books.

Future plans: Continue to spend quality time with my family and expand my interests in travel and photography. Pursue my career goals in both nuclear medicine and diagnostic radiology.

Ravindra Shah, MD – PGY3 (R2)

Medical school: Mymensingh Medical College, Bangladesh.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Travelling, listening to music and playing cricket.

Future plans: Going for a fellowship (has not decided which yet).


Amer Alassi, MD – PGY2 (R1)

Medical school: University of Aleppo, Syria.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Travelling, watching sports (soccer, basketball and tennis), cooking, and exploring different cuisines.

Future plans: Neuroradiology, Body CT and Nuclear Medicine.

Anton Gryaznov, MD – PGY2 (R1)

Medical school: Kazan State Medical University, Russia.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Tennis, fine-art and reading.

Future plans: Body/Molecular Imaging/Theranostics.

Maria Elena Molina, MD – PGY2 (R1)

Medical school: Universidad de El Salvador, El Salvador.

Non-academic interests/hobbies: Camping and hikes, mindfulness and meditation, reading (self-growth, fiction, philosophy and history), art and foreign films. I love to travel, learn about other cultures and gastronomies.

Future plans: Body Imaging, Interventional Radiology.

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