Key Information for Current Residents

Resident Concerns

Issues or concerns of residents are best addressed locally with the Program Director or the Chair of the department. In the event that these can’t be resolved locally, residents can contact the Designated Institutional Official (DIO), Dr. Scott Kurtzman at or via phone at 203.582.7447.

If they still can’t resolve the issue or the issue is with the DIO, the next contact they should feel free to reach out to is the Senior Associate Dean for Education, Dr. Lyuba Konopasek. Her email is Her phone number is 203.582.7459.

Quinnipiac's Netter School of Medicine Anonymous Resident Concern Form

This form is used by Quinnipiac's Netter residents, staff, and faculty to report matters of concern. This form is anonymous and therefore it may inhibit our ability to provide feedback to you directly. If you would like to speak directly with someone on this or any other matter please contact the DIO, Dr. Scott Kurtzman ( or 203.582.7447). We appreciate your willingness to provide feedback to improve your program.

Resident Concern Form

Resident Ombudsman

Residents can contact a Chief Resident with concerns. Chief Residents also serve as an ombudsman and liaisons between the house staff and program leadership.

Privacy Officer for Internal Medicine Residents

Every year the Internal Medicine program designates a house staff member as the Resident Privacy Officer. The Privacy Officer is available to receive any questions, comments, suggestions, thoughts, etc. that residents may have regarding anyone or any function associated with the program, on the occasion that the resident may be uncomfortable raising such an issue with an attending, including with those attendings in program leadership. With permission from the reporter, the Privacy Officer will anonymously convey such concerns to the program leadership.


If at any point a resident is concerned about safely driving home following a set of duty hours, they may obtain a ride-share and seek reimbursement from the GME office. Taxi vouchers are also available from the Program Coordinator or GME office.

If a resident is concerned about safety on their walk from the hospital or clinic to their car, they can dial 0 from any hospital phone or call the main number 203.576.6000, ask for security, and request an escort.

Lactation Room

There are two lactation rooms available for nursing mothers. The Medicine and Radiology programs have a wellness room, which may be used as a lactation room if necessary (There is appropriate signage).  That room is 3-ADMIN-83, just off the resident lounge. There is a lock available for privacy

Additionally, there is a lactation room for Hartford HealthCare nursing moms at the St. Vincent’s Medical Center location on Level 1M (Cardiac Rehab area) Room 1M-PT-92 (look for lactation room signage). This Lactation Room location will afford nursing moms the privacy needed to pump as needed, 24/7. The door to enter the 1M Cardiac Rehab area will require badge access on weekends and after 4 pm M-F. Residents can contact security for an update to their specific badge to gain entry to the Lactation Room. If a resident requires the use of the room prior to the badge update being completed, they can contact security at 203.210.5543 to have the outer door opened. The lactation room itself has a privacy lock from the inside when the room is occupied. Employees are asked to sign into the room via the logbook when utilizing it.

Lactation Room Locations

St. Vincent’s Medical Center