Medical Records

You have the right to inspect or review your records.

Your medical records include your medical history, laboratory results, medications, physician reports from surgery, treatments, or other medical services administered at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, St. Vincent’s Multi-Specialty Group, or Urgent Care Center.

How to Request your Medical Records

  1. Patients or their legal representative may obtain copies of their medical records by completing the form(s) above.

  2. When filing out the form(s), please indicate dates of treatment, especially if you have multiple episodes of care, what type of records you need and who you are releasing the records to.

  3. Mail or Fax the form(s) to:
    Health Information Services Department
    St. Vincent’s Medical Center
    2800 Main Street
    Bridgeport, CT 06606
    Fax: 203.581.6556

  4. You can also bring your completed form(s) along with your Photo ID to the medical center. Please keep in mind, due to high volume of medical record requests, please expect to receive your records within 30 days. We are located at St. Vincent’s Medical Center on the main floor. Monday -- Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.

For any questions, please call Health Information services at 203.576.5193.

Cost For Copies

If you are requesting copies for your own personal use, you can expect to be charged a suitable amount in accordance with CT regulations. No cash will be accepted for payment of copies. There will be no charge for copies going directly to another medical facility or treating physician for continuing care.

How to Request your Radiology Images

Radiology images (films) are not part of your medical record, (i.e., your records contain reports of interpretations of such images). Please contact the Radiology Department to obtain copies of X-Rays or other films by calling 475.210.5062. If you are looking for copies of images from the Breast Health Center, please call 475.210.5575.

Billing Information

Your medical record does not contain your billing information. Please Click Here for instructions on how to obtain copies of your billing information.

Policies, Practices, and Terms

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