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At St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center, fighting breast cancer is not just treating the disease. It is about caring for all of you: body, mind and spirit. We deliver state-of-the-art breast cancer treatment and provide support services for you, your loved ones and your family. At St. Vincent’s, you are in trusted, experienced, caring hands.

Personalized Breast Cancer Care

St. Vincent’s is at the forefront as a leader who provides superior breast cancer treatment and support services. Our team builds a treatment plan designed to fit your lifestyle and your medical needs. We don’t just want to get you in remission; we treat the fear and confusion that comes with the cancer journey by remaining by your side, from diagnosis through to survivorship.

Hartford HealthCare Breast Cancer Services

Personalized Treatment Plan

A team of experts will develop a plan specifically for you. A multi-disciplinary tumor board is all of the physicians, surgeons, nurses and other specialists looking at your condition, as well as your lifestyle and other personal factors. Our center has a dedicated multi-discipline breast tumor board. From fellowship trained breast surgeons and radiologists with years of specific training in breast care to your nurse specializing in breast care navigation, you’ll have the sharpest minds in one room working for you. Working with you as a partner, we’ll develop a plan that no only gives you the best possible outcome, but also gives you treatment options that fit your personal lifestyle best.

Women's Choice Award - Best Breast CentersSt. Vincent’s Medical Center has been named one of America’s Best Breast Centers by the Women’s Choice Award®, America’s trusted referral source for the best in healthcare. The award signifies that St. Vincent’s Medical Center is in the top of the 4,542 U.S. hospitals offering breast care services.

The list of 416 award winners, including St. Vincent’s Medical Center, represents breast centers that have met the highest standards of breast care in the nation as set by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and carry the Breast Imaging Center of Excellence (BICOE) seal from the American College of Radiology.

Our Team

St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center’s fellowship-trained physicians are well known throughout Fairfield and New Haven counties and are widely recognized for their level of expertise. They are led by Dr. Richard Zelkowitz, medical director of the breast program and a staunch patient and family advocate, and Dr. Brigid Killelea, chief of breast surgery, a dedicated breast cancer researcher with more than a decade of experience caring for patients with breast cancer.

Nurse Navigator

Your journey begins with your nurse navigator. She specializes in managing breast care plans. She answers your questions. She educates. She helps your family learn how they can help you. She arranges appointments. She coordinates care with your doctors, from your cancer team to your family doctor and other specialists. She’s always there for you.

State-of-the-Art Technology

State-of-the-art technology means better results, shorter recovery and a happier you. Therapy drugs will be selected specifically based on your personal needs. In addition, our radiation treatment options include the Novalis TX, an advanced system that uses the least amount of radiation to just focus on the tumor, leaving healthy tissue intact and giving you shorter treatments and faster recovery times.

Collaborative Approach

St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center our cancer specialists hold weekly tumor board meetings to discuss treatment recommendations, the latest advances, and to review challenging cases.

Our Achievements

St. Vincent’s Breast Health Center has been recognized for providing excellence in treatment and care:

St. Vincent's Breast Health Center was the first in the area to earn the Breast Center of Excellence distinction from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

St.Vincent’s Breast Health Center received the highest level of accreditation from the American College of Surgeons’ Commission on Cancer. The Outstanding Achievement Award is granted to programs that have not only met standards set by the Commission on Cancer, but also exceeded compliance ratings for all designated standards.

“The nurses, the staff – they are so wonderful. I see them and get big waves in the hallways, with big smiles, asking how are you? The whole experience has been great for me, even though it’s traumatic and not fun. Without the team, I don’t think I’d be here.”

– Corrine, Southport, CT

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